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Seamless LTE Backup
Use an LTE in a seamless, fast-failover state to improve network resilience.

Back up a primary circuit with LTE for an easy-to-deploy, always-on network.

Perfect for small businesses that rely on Internet-based systems and applications, the Seamless LTE Back-up deployment scenario is perfect for mid-sized restaurants and multi-transaction businesses. Restaurants need the Internet for their Point-of-Sale systems, online ordering and delivery platforms, music/video streaming, customer WiFi and myriad other back-office applications. Keep the restaurant running with always-on connectivity.

System Features

  • Lossless failover between ISPs
  • Bi-Directional Quality of Service
  • Bandwidth Adaptation
  • Session survivability

Customer Benefits

  • Improved Reliability (spread outage risk across multiple ISPs)
  • Improve bandwidth efficiency for high-priority applications.
  • No dropped debit transactions or phone calls

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