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Traditional MPLS networks were great and served a useful purpose for over 10 years. But are the network connectivity demands of today starting to become too much of a strain for these inflexible, expensive and high-maintenance networks?

We think so. This is where Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) comes to the rescue.

Lower costs, lower latency, higher performance and easier maintenance are just some of the benefits SD-WAN provides.

Seamless failover

Picture this. You’re on an important VoIP/Hosted PBX call trying to close that huge deal but your Internet connection drops, the call along with it. How embarrassing!

With The SD-WAN Company Seamless Failover, your woes relating to call drops and spotty Internet are consigned to the dust bin forever. How? We’ll switch over to your secondary data connection seamlessly – your apps and callers won’t even know the primary connection went down!



Sure, one data connection could be enough. But what about two, three, or even five? Bonded Internet gives you exactly that; multiple data connections bonded together into one super-charged connection that’s simple to configure.

Think about the speeds achievable, guaranteed up-time and general stability your business is guaranteed with a Bonded Internet solution, at the fraction of a cost of a premium data connection.

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