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Diverse Carriers – Bonded
Single site benefits from active-active, bonded connections from competing ISPs.

Combine the bandwidth of multiple connections for a faster, more reliable experience.

By far our most popular configuration, an individual site, with connections from two or more ISPs, can not only achieve the sum total of all of the available bandwidth for a single session, but delivers substantially higher reliability than a single broadband connection.

If speed and reliability are a concern, get peace of mind using our technology.

System Features

  • Bi-Directional Bandwidth Stacking
  • Lossless failover between ISPs
  • Bi-Directional Quality of Service
  • Bandwidth Adaptation
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Customer Benefits

  • Increased Bandwidth (sum of all bonded connections)
  • Improved Reliability (spread outage risk across multiple ISPs)
  • Improve Quality for Voice and Video
  • Provide link health reporting

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